Thursday, 1 March 2012

The Wombats - Portsmouth Guildhall

This is definitely not my sort of music, but when commissioned by ilikemusic to shoot the gig I wanted to cover it as I have not shot that much live this year and feel a bit rusty. Overall it was a pretty good night, lighting was OK.  There were lots of blue LEDs for the first song, which isn't always great but for the rest of the gig it was all good. 

The Wombats were great live and the crowd were rowdy and loving it. I don't normally shoot the crowd whist the band is on but this time I did and got a glass of beer in my face, OK it was not a full pint but enough for me to miss half a song to clean the lens and camera. Surprised when got home and saw an image of the beer coming towards me over the crowd, in the end quite happy with that :)

Rubbish shot only reason its in is that I am on the screen behind!!!!!!

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