Monday, 23 May 2011

Pete Doherty - Southampton University

I have never really been a fan of Pete Doherty as a person or a musician, so was not really looking forward to this gig. I was actually surprised and enjoyed the event. It was just him with a guitar on stage and his voice sounded good. The crowd were going mental and singing to everything he was doing. Was not a big production, but manged to get a few good shots. This was one of his last gigs before he got sent to jail for 6 months

Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Billboard

I was driving round Southampton and noticed a billboard that uses my images from the Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange event. I shot the event back in November and was chuffed to see the image being used. I have been told that they are all over the country. Here are the billboard and advertising poster designs that are put up to promote the event coming to the city/town.

Friday, 6 May 2011

Beady Eye - Southampton Guildhall

It's not that often that I get to shoot one of my favorite bands at Southampton Guildhall and as some of you know it's my home town. Also as you might have seen in older posts that this was the third time this month I had shot a Beady Eye gig. As usual Liam's voice was on top form and the rest of the band looked far more relaxed than I saw them at the Troxy at the beginning of their tour. The crowd were definitely up for it and surprisingly did not get that wet from thrown beer glasses (well hopefully it was beer)

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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Steve Cradock - Southampton Guildhall

I have recently just got my first guitar and can't wait to make the time to start learning. So knowing that Steve Cradock was supporting Beady Eye on their recent UK tour I was looking forward to seeing him play. I managed to photograph Steve in February when he was in Ocean Colour Scene and was blown away by his guitar skills and it was the same again on this occasion. The only disappointment was as with most support acts the lighting was shocking! Managed to get a few good shots from it though.

DJ Mag Cover Shoot - Above And Beyond

Being commissioned to photograph a magazine cover is always such an amazing job. So it was great to get the nod from DJ Mag to photograph Trance global superstars Above and Beyond for their May 2011 edition.  I think this would be my 25th cover shoot with them. 

We wanted to get a nice clean image for the cover and the guys were great to work with, really nice guys and had good laugh, this makes my job allot easier. The magazine has changed its size down to A4 and as ever there is a CD to be mounted on the cover too so you have to be be aware when you are shooting how much space you actually have (logo and text also)

Really happy how it looks and I have included the cover image that we went for and the other option with out any of the text on. There is also a behind the scenes video that will be out in the next few weeks.  The May edition of DJ Mag is out now!!!