Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Marina And The Diamonds - Portsmouth Pyramids

Its only been a few months since I photographed Marina, but the opportunity came up and as I was not completely happy with the last shoot I wanted to do it. It was the first night of the new tour.  The gig was excellent, she is amazing live and having listening to the album many times this year (especially whist editing pics) had a great night being familier with the songs. Managed to get lots of shots of Marina looking into lens which I was well happywith, there was even a wink to camera!! I was comissioned by Ilikemusic

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Mcfly - Southampton Guildhall

Not really my thing but i was comissioned by IlikeMusic to photograph Mcfly at Southampton Guildahall. To be fair I have to give it to the band, they were great live. The crowd was going mental and to make it even better the production for the lighting made it great for pics. I actually had a fun night!!

The Delays - Southampton University

Always nice to photograph a local band that have done well. The Delays have been on a UK tour for over a month now and the last date was at the University. This was the first time i had photographed a gig there and I really enjoyed it. The event was sold out and it was good to walk around the crowd and see so many familiar faces. The band rocked it!! If you have not heard them before check out the new album 

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Plan B - Southampton Guildhall

Been looking forward to this gig for a while as I really have got into Plan B's Album. Great gig but again dissapointed by the lighting, which was not great. I was shooting for ilikemusic