Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Rihanna - The London Forum - 777 Tour

I only got confirmation of the pass on the afternoon of the show and I've really wanted to do it for weeks, well it is Rihanna. The world biggest pop star was on a gruelling tour to promote her new album "Unapologetic" 7 days, 7 cities and 7 gigs. She is also flying around 150 competition winners and press with her on a private 777 plane. The London gig was held at The Forum in Kentish Town, I had shot Noel Gallagher there last year so knew the venue.

There was no pit access but the venue is not that big so shooting from the mixing desk was really cool , I had a 400mm with me anyway and switched between that and the 70-200mm. The lighting and production was as you would expect amazing. The other special thing about this show was that we could shoot all of it (instead of the usual 3 songs) This is really rare especially for a massive artist. The gig was superb and what an amazing performer, the whole place was going crazy!!! 

This is probably the biggest live blog I have ever done, I loved shooting the whole show, wish we could do more like that.


  1. Not my music Dan, but quality shot's as always. your perspective is a a beautiful thing
    Paul Alexander

  2. Great shots, as a fellow photographer i really admire your pictures. If you get chance have a look at my blog i've only been doing this a year & half.