Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Rihanna - O2 Arena

This was actually the first time ever I had shot a live gig at the O2 Arena. Commissioned by IlikeMusic I was looking forward to shooting global superstar Rihanna. This was her penultimate show of the UK tour (she had already performed 8 shows at the O2 earlier in the month). I knew that we would be shooting from the mixing sound desk in the middle of the venue (which is massive). Luckily there were only another 2 photographers on this night as we were given the smallest area to shoot in as most of the section was taken up with equipment for the recording of the live DVD that was also taking place on the night.

The gig itself was great, she is an amazing performer and the crowd were loving it. Nearly all photographers would say they hate shooting from the mixing desk, would have loved to be in the pit as they images would have been so much better. Pretty happy what I got. Looking forward to getting the Canon 1DX and seeing how good it would perform on a gig like this (of course you need a good lens being this far away too).

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