Friday, 6 January 2012

Beady Eye - Brixton Academy

In 2011 I was lucky to get the opportunity to photograph Beady Eye live on many occasions, the Brixton Academy gig was to be the last UK date of their year long tour. I knew this would be a great gig to be at and was well chuffed when I was asked to shoot it for the band and Pretty Green.

To make it even more special I was allowed to shoot the sound check and the whole gig from the stage (did the pit first 3 songs). I did this for the band at Reading Festival, but enjoyed it alot more this time around. Brixton Academy is a great venue, with loads of history and it looked mental seeing it from the bands perspective.

Really happy how the shots came out, wish I had access like this to all the gigs that I cover :)

The Sound Check

The Gig


  1. Ive paid close attention to the whole Beady Eye tour and always checked out new photos of them along the way. These are without doubt the best photos of them and the best live rock n roll photos ive seen for years. Great album, great live band and great photography. Roll on the next tour.

  2. These pictures are amazing!!

  3. beautiful pictures mate, keep the dream alive and rock on forever