Friday, 2 September 2011

Artful - Single Cover

Was really pleased to get the call from one of my friends in Southampton to see if I wanted to shoot the press pics for a new project they are working on. Atful is Mark Hill, who was one half of the group The Artful Dodger, who had major chart success a decade ago. Mark has been mentally busy the last few years producing other peoples work and now has decided to set up his own label Workhouse Records and start making music himself once again.

For the first release "Could Just Be The Bass Line" Mark has brought in Irish singer Kal Lavelle to sing the vocals. Kal has recently been supporting Ed Sheeran on his tour and has a fantastic voice. We did the shoot at Woolhouse Studios in Barnet, which was great as it had many different areas to set up in. Below is the cover and some of the images from the shoot will be on my site in the next few weeks.

The single is out now and you can download it here

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