Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Paul Weller - Brighton Centre

I was really looking forward to photographing this gig. Paul's current album Wake Up The Nation  has been played so many times by me this year and in the past its been hard getting a photo pass for his gigs. 

So you can imagine my frustration when i got the the venue and found out the the photo pit at the front of the stage has been taped off as they are filming for his new DVD (I would think that what is was for). No photographers were allowed in the pit due to a video camera on a track that was taking up the whole thing.  Luckily I  got there early and managed to get at the front of the barrier in the crowd. I stood there for 2 hours to save my spot. The support bands Cow and The Bees were excellent though, so is was not that bad.The only problem was that i could only shoot from one angle. Thanks god I brought the long lens along.

Support Band - Cow

Support Band - The Bees

Support Band - The Bees

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