Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Space Closing Ibiza 2009

One of my fav jobs of the year, Space Closing for the Pioneer Pro DJ Calender 2010

Having been to Ibiza many times, this years closing party was the strangest as it RAINED!! From my point of view it did put a dampener (sorry for the pun) on the event, as my objective was to shoot the crowd during the day under a blue sky with the sun shining. Unfortunately most people were in rain macs all day so I held back on doing lots of crowd shots.

The music through out the event was amazing and the attendance was around 15,000! I again enjoyed using the 5D Mark II as throughout the night I shot HD film as well. The footage will be used for a film that will be shown on the DJ sounds website in the future.

I cant really put too many pics online yet as they have not been approved by the artists or Pioneer, but here are a few of my favs!!

I love the one of Steve Lawler playing to the whole Flight Arena, managed to get a really cool vantage point for this. Very Epic!!

Also there is a pic of all the Pioneer guys who are a pleasure to work with.

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