Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Florence + The Machine

After getting the album Lungs a month before this gig I was happy when I got the photopass. Florence + The Machine are having it right off and Florence Welch is in great demand in the music scene at the moment. Her soaring, epic vocals, quirky melodies and self-contained musical world have already won her the 2009 Critics Choice Award at the Brits. Some compare her to Kate Bush. You’ll also find touches of Tom Waits and Nick Cave in her dark visions, and if you heard a little of Bjork too, she’d find it a compliment.

The gig was at the Opera House in Bournemouth. The venue has just completed a £3.5 million restoration and refurbishment project. Built in 1895, the Victorian venue has entertained thousands of locals through the years. It looks amazing and will look forward to shooting down there again in the future, as they have loads of good gigs coming up!!

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