Friday, 20 March 2009

The Worst Interviewer In The World.......Ever!

As you can see from former blogs and on my website that i am lucky to do a lot of work with Pioneer. I was asked to photograph their new campaign for the HDJ - 2000 headphones (which I must say are an amazing bit of kit). 

The shoot would feature DJ Steve Lawler wearing the headphones.  I was very happy with the results and it was good to finally work with Steve.

After the shoot the website guys from DJ Sounds wanted to interview Steve about what he has got coming up this year etc. They manage to persuade me to interview him. Check out the vid and make up you own minds, I don't think Jonathan Ross has any thing to worry about.


  1. Is this a new side to Dan Reid?

    Good interview, love the blackberry going off in the background and the out takes. lol

    Just got my copy of DJ Black Book with the finished artwork on the back. My ad for The DJ is in the website section. They still managed to spell my name wrong, even though I emailed it to them. Lumptys.


  2. Love it Dan... brings back a lot of memories from the Midanbury Years. you aint really changed 'ave ya..

    Great to see things going well for you in work and life.

    All the best from Ja
    The Irish C_nt