Thursday, 9 February 2012

Snow Patrol - Bournemouth BIC

This was my first live gig of the 2012, so felt a little bit rusty. I was commissioned by Ilikemusic to photograph the show at the Bournemouth BIC, which is always great venue to shoot in. I have always liked Snow Patrol's music, so it was a gig that I was looking forward to covering.

I have to say though it definitely was not the easiest gig to ease me back into shooting live. The lighting was all over the place during the the first 2 songs and it was hard to photograph lead singer Gary Lightbody whist he was singing as he held the mic so close to his mouth all the time (getting horrible shadows), but enough of the moaning (it is the first gig of the year so I am allowed)!! In the end pretty happy how it all turned out and I think I managed to get some good images. The band were great live and the crowd were loving it. All in all a good night and can't wait to shoot some more gigs in the next few weeks, so look out for more posts.

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