Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Clare Maguire

I was really happy to be commissioned by Ilikemusic to photograph Clare Maguire as she is an artist I have heard so much about during the last few months.

Signed to Universal records in 2008, Clare has spent the last two years under the radar, writing non-stop, working with producers including pop-maestro Fraser T Smith and gearing up for the 2011 release of her debut album; Light After Dark

She has been listed in numerous 'Ones To Watch' Polls for 2011 and is getting set to sweep the airwaves with her dark, operatic-tinged, distinctive vocals. The forward thinking young-popstress can also be found on The Streets' final album Computers and Blues, having penned the final track. Chase and Status invited her on stage following her appearance on their new record No More Idols, while her live show has recently been honed following support slots for Hurts and Plan B

I did not have long to photograph her, but she was lovely. Managed to get some cool images and some fly on the wall pics whist she was being interviewed. My favourite image from the shoot (not included below) will be uploaded on my site in the next few weeks. 

Read the full interview here.

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