Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Paul Oakenfold and Lenny Kravitz @ Brixton Academy

I have not seen Paul Oakenfold for a long time. The last few years he has moved over to LA and has spent most of his time working on film scores, supporting some of the worlds biggest music artists (Madonna, U2 etc) and holding down a residency in Las Vegas. On this occasion he was supporting Lenny Karvitz at Brixton Academy. I was commissioned again from Pioneer to photograph Paul, as he was using all Pioneer equipment.

 I managed to get a pass to shoot him on the stage, which was great as I got some great shots of him using the kit. He was using DVDs as well as normal cads player and had a custom made booth, which had visual screens on the front.


 Then I stayed around and got some great pics of Lenny Kravitz for the site Ilikemusic. He rocked as soon as he came on stage. Was a great gig and the crowd was really up for it.

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